FPC’s Industrial Painting services are virtually unlimited enabling us to provide a wide range of painting services for a cross section of fabrications.

Our 30,000 square foot facility, based in East Midlands is adaptable to handle all shapes and sizes of fabrications and steelwork up to a 20 tonne capacity. FPC have a variety of application equipment that can efficiently apply the most complex of paint systems to a range of metal work, fabrications and castings including:

Alkyds, Epoxys, Coal tar, Bitumen, Intumescent, Anti graffiti, Heat Resistant, Anti slip, Potable, Metallic's and specialist paints.

FPC also boast a large 4 acre secure storage yard for early acceptation of loads or storage for "just in time" deliveries.

For further details on FPC’s Industrial Painting services, please call or email and we will be happy to assist you.